Non-Custom Products

Through our website we offer many different types of products such as: Greeting cards, calendars, mouse pads, mugs, magnets, prints on glass or metal, canvas prints, bound books, cell phone cases, etc. Simply select the photograph(s) that you wish to order and pick from the many selections available.


Custom Products

J&R Ogden Photography can create a unique item for you using our photos, whether it's a calendar, greeting card, a custom cut frame, canvas print, photos on t-shirts, etc- just let us know what you're looking for. We can't display all of the types of filters online but feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to work with you.


Greeting Cards

Here's a sample of our Photo greeting card sets (packs of 4 and 5) which can be used for a variety of occasions:

Custom Frames

We make custom 8"x24" photo frames as shown below, simple text only:

Customized matted frame for Dixie

Customized matted frame for Dixie


We design our own calendars and can create a seasonal calendar, Maine based, wildlife based calendar that fits your interest. The calendars are full page bleed prints and are just like what you'd buy in a store- the print quality is excellent.

Desk calendars great for people that don't have a lot of wall space or just want to have a calendar on their desk, these are small 5x11 calendars that contain a photo and days of the month.

2014 Desk Calendar2014 Desk Calendar     2014 Desk Calendar2014 Desk Calendar

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints can add a level of style to a wall that a regular matted frame can't by either giving the wall or room an artistic feel or allowing the print to stand out more from the rest of the decor. Here's an example of a 26"x38" canvas print we ordered for our living room.

Canvas prints can be ordered directly on our website or if you need a custom/larger size you can contact us and we will take care of the rest for you.


Price List

Item Price
Photo cards
  • Singles: $2.95
  • 4 pack: $8.95
  • 5 pack: $10.95
  • 6 pack: $12.95
Custom Frames

Prices vary depending on size, photos, etc.
Ranges from $40-$60

Wall Calendars $20
Desk Calendars $15
Canvas prints

Prices vary depending on the size and style.
Please contact us for a more detailed quote if you have a custom size.