6 Month Old Sitter Sessions

Sitter Photography PackagesSitter Photography Packages A sitter is a baby who can support their own weight sitting, however, not crawling, generally between 6-9 months, when they are little, adorable cutie pies. During the sitter session, we will capture your babies personality and use props and fabrics to give an extra dimension.

Your baby's first year goes by so fast and from experience, this is such a fast phase they go through and will want to capture it to look back on.

We will cover a few varieties of scenes; we will have a quick, online consultation to go over the details.

Please Note: During your ride to our studio, please keep your baby sleeping so he or she is fully rested for the session.



DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to offer or to decline to offer our services at our discretion.  Photography packages are subject to change at any time.  If we agree to offer our services and you are in agreement, we will ask for a contract to be signed prior to shooting.