Maternity Newborn 6 Month Sitter Cake SmashMaternity Newborn 6 Month Sitter Cake Smash

Bangor Maine Region Maternity & Newborn Photography

Documenting your important moments in life is what we do; we offer a variety of options to choose from. Just about everyone chooses to capture Maternity & Newborn stage in life but we also document your baby's sitter stage and their first birthday- typically in the form of a cake smash session.


Maternity Sessions

Our maternity sessions are typically photographed outside, we have several locations that we pick from and depending on location we are willing to photograph at your favorite spot. We aim for natural settings and comfortable poses that make you look great.

Your time with us varies depending on location(s), poses and your comfort level, typically sessions last up to 2 hours. When the weather is not cooperating, we do shoot in our studio. Please feel free to bring your husband and we will capture those special family moments with you.

In addition to shooting outside and at our studio, we have stated to shoot "Lifestyle" photographs in the clients home. If you live close enough to us with the right sized rooms we can discuss that as an option.

Maternity & Lifestyle photographs captured in the Bangor Maine region.Maternity & Lifestyle photographs captured in the Bangor Maine region.

When should I have my photos taken?

We recommend that you schedule your maternity photo sessions when you are about 30-35 weeks or 7-8 months along. This way your belly will be noticeably round but not too heavy so that you won’t experience any sort of discomfort. Of course, there are exceptions to this generalized rule, every woman and every pregnancy is different, so listening to your body is always a good idea.

What do I need to bring to my maternity photography session?

There are a few things we suggest you bring to your maternity session just to facilitate a smooth and comfortable shoot. Having some water and snacks on hand is always a good idea just in case you’re feeling a bit tired. Be sure to bring a pair of comfy shoes to change into for casual photos and if, on location, a jacket or a sweater since some of the locations tend to become cooler as the session progresses. It is also very useful to have some touch-up makeup and hairspray with you.

What do I wear to my maternity photo session?

We suggest two pairs of nice jeans, 1 pair would be non-maternity button jeans (they will be unbuttoned) and the other pair would be maternity jeans. For a top, we recommend a form-fitting with solid colors or a simple floral pattern. See our gallery for ideas. In addition to that we highly recommend form-fitting long dresses to show off your curves; at the moment we do not have any maternity dresses on hand but are working on that. We also suggest wearing a nude seamless strapless bra and nude underwear.

If you'd like a consult, we can go over these details and others with you.

Should I bring props?

Utilizing props is a good way to personalize some of your photos. We have baby blocks to spell out the name or you can bring your own, if you prefer. We recommend bringing your latest sonogram photos to incorporate into your session. We supply sashes of your color preferences if desired. Banners can add a nice touch as well. During your optional consult, we can go over details on this as well.


Newborn Sessions

This is everyone's favorite subject to photography by parents and photographers! We love photographing babies and look forward to his or her first photo session.

We use safe, natural posing techniques to capture your little ones features and sleepy moments. You will be able to sit back and relax while we take care of your baby- enjoy the down time while you have it! While we gather certain colors and possibly a theme from you, we generally design the look and or theme of the session.

In addition to shooting at our studio, we have stated to shoot "Lifestyle" photographs in the clients home. If you live close enough to us with the right sized rooms we can discuss that as an option.

Newborn & Lifestyle photography sessions in Bangor MaineNewborn & Lifestyle photography sessions in Bangor Maine

When is the best time?

Please book as soon as you can, we typically need some sort of lead time- planning and setting up for the session can take some time on our part. Please stay in contact, we typically will return your email within the day.

The best time frame to photograph newborns is 5-9 days old. We can get the sleepy and peaceful shots very easily. Not only do babies tend to sleep more but their little bodies are still moldable. Usually, babies older than 2 weeks stay awake longer, develop acne and don't like to be naked.

Session length & location

Newborn sessions are held in our studio where we have complete control over the temperature, lighting & have full access to all of our props & supplies. Our sessions last at least 2 hours. We have plenty of patience, and don't mind coaxing Baby into a position for 20 minutes if need be! Baby will need to nurse or feed once or twice as well. But don't worry. It is a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. The finished product will be well worth it!

What do I need to do to prep my baby?

We have some suggestions that will make a difference during the session; we have personally observed this and it will make our jobs much easier as well as a more relaxed session for you. Please take some time to read our suggestions.

Before your session

We would like to talk to you about the type of photos you are looking for and the types of settings as well. Please feel free to send us ideas as we will do what we can to accommodate you.


Maternity & Newborn Bundles

Bump to Baby

This bundled package includes the Maternity and Newborn sessions. Capture the "bump" and the Mom-to-be experience as well as the newness of your little one soon after they are born.



The Milestones Package

With this bundle, you get 4 sessions in this money saving package! Start with Maternity, then Newborn, Sitter, and end with a Cake Smash / One Year birthday session! This captures the whole year of special moments of you and your little one / family.

More information on our Cake Smash Sessions and Sitter Sessions.


DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to offer or to decline to offer our services at our discretion.  Photography packages are subject to change at any time.  If we agree to offer our services and you are in agreement, we will ask for a contract to be signed prior to shooting.