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Maternity Newborn 6 Month Sitter Cake SmashMaternity Newborn 6 Month Sitter Cake Smash

Maternity & Newborn Packages

We offer 5 packages for Maternity & Newborn:

  1. Maternity
  2. Newborn
  3. Bump to Baby
  4. Sitter
  5. The Milestones Package

With every package you will receive the following:

  • Online gallery that you can share with friends and family
  • Access to the Photo Moments app for Android and iOS
  • Ability to order photos through our website (all of your information is secured and handled through our professional lab)
  • We offer a DVD of your photographs; however, we do require that you purchase prints through our labs first as we take great lengths to capture the best photographs that we can and have seen the poor print quality from local big box stores. Since our name is behind the work, we prefer that your prints look just as good as they do on your screen.

Maternity Sessions

Bangor Maine Maternity Photos in Apple OrchardBangor Maine Maternity Photos in Apple Orchard This package covers up to 2 hours of shooting in our studio as well as outside photos if desired. We can split up the times if you'd like to travel to different locations for the outside photographs. Please feel free to bring your husband and or children if applicable and we will capture those special family moments with you.


The best time to capture this stage of your life is during the end of your second trimester into your third. You want to be clearly showing but still feel comfortable enough to enjoy the process.

Earlier than that and the belly may not be prominent enough, later than that and you may feel uncomfortable. But every woman and every pregnancy is different, so listening to your body is always a good idea.

How Much?

$200 + tax (5.5%)
25% deposit at booking

Newborn Sessions

Newborn Nautical Scene - Bangor Maine PhotographerNewborn Nautical Scene - Bangor Maine Photographer This is everyone's favorite subject to photography by parents and photographers! We love photographing babies and look forward to his or her first photo session.



Please book as soon as you can, we typically need some sort of lead time- especially if you want a certain theme for some of the photos. Please stay in contact, we typically will return your email within that day.

Our favorite age to photograph newborns is 5-9 days old. We can get the sleepy and peaceful shots very easily. Not only do babies tend to sleep more but their little bodies are still moldable. Usually, babies older than 2 weeks stay awake longer, develop acne and don't like to be naked.

Session length & location

Newborn sessions are held in our studio where we have complete control over the temperature, lighting & have full access to all of our props & supplies. Our sessions last at least 2 hours. We have plenty of patience, and don't mind coaxing Baby into a position for 20 minutes if need be! Baby will need to nurse or feed once or twice as well. But don't worry. It is a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. The finished product will be well worth it!

What to bring and wear

Baby: They were born with the perfect outfit. Their birthday suit! We love to photograph babies in little to nothing at all. We do have a selection of hats & wraps but feel free to bring anything from home that you want to include in your session.  We are fully prepared for little accidents. We recommend bringing extra burp towels & blankets.

Mom & Dad: Simple clothing such as black tee shirts & jeans is ideal! If Dad feels comfortable bearing his chest or showing off his tattoo, these make for great shots as well. I also recommend bringing a second set of clothes -just in case!

Feel free to bring any special items you want baby photographed with. This will be discussed in the consultation, so we can creatively prepare for using your items.

You will have access to our selection of hand-picked props in a session customized and personalized for you. If you have any outfits or items that you'd like to bring, please feel free to do so and we incorporate them the best that we can. In about 7 days you will have access to an online gallery where you can order prints à la carte.

How to prep your baby

Babies are unpredictable but a couple of things that you can do to help your baby is:

  1. Keep your baby awake at least 1 - 2 hours before the session
    • A good way to do this is by giving them baby a bath. This is a great way for the babies to exercise their lungs a bit before coming and tire themselves out a bit. It also helps their hair to be nice and fluffy (if they have any!).
  2. Please don't feed your baby right before the session, keep them hungry and feed them while at the session- this will give you and baby time to adjust to new surroundings.
    • If you breast feed, please try not need consume large amounts of caffeine or spicy food; this can affect your baby's mood
  3. Relax! We've handled many babies, including our own. Babies are very perceptive and can pick up on our moods. If you are nervous or anxious the baby will sense that and will not settle easily. If mom is anxious this can also affect how the baby does.

Before your session

We would like to talk to you about the type of photos you are looking for and the types of settings as well. Please feel free to send us ideas as we will do what we can do accommodate you.

How Much?

$225 + tax (5.5%)
25% deposit at booking

Bump to Baby

Before & After - Maternity / Newborn Portrait - Bangor MaineBefore & After - Maternity / Newborn Portrait - Bangor Maine If you're looking to save money and bundle the two packages, this is for you.

How Much?

This includes everything at the price of:
$410 + tax (5.5%)
25% deposit at booking




Sitter Photography PackagesSitter Photography Packages A sitter is a baby who can support their own weight sitting, however, not crawling, generally between 6-9 months, when they are little adorable cutie pies. During the sitter session, we will capture your babies personality and use props and fabrics to give an extra dimension.

We will cover a few variety of scenes based upon your baby's personality; we will have a quick, online consultation to go over the details.

How Much?

This includes everything at the price of:
$175 + tax (5.5%)
25% deposit at booking

The Milestones Package

Bangor Maine Cake Smash Session - Baseball ThemeBangor Maine Cake Smash Session - Baseball ThemeCake Smash session with a Baseball theme With this package you're saving even more by bundling Maternity, Newborn, Sitters and a Cake Smash session for your baby turns one. More information on our Cake Smash sessions.

How Much?

This includes everything at the price of:
$825 + tax (5.5%)
25% deposit at booking


DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to offer or to decline to offer our services at our discretion.  Photography packages are subject to change at any time.  If we agree to offer our services and you are in agreement, we will ask for a contract to be signed prior to shooting.