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Engagement & Wedding Packages

Maine Wedding PotographyMaine Wedding Potography We offer Engagement & Wedding sessions in the Bangor Maine region. If you're interested in Wedding photographs only, refer to the pricing chart below.

It's important that we meet before agreeing on photographing your wedding- we need to make sure that we can meet your needs; meeting in person will start a good rapport with each other and help you get comfortable with us.

If you're interested in bundling Engagement photos as well, please add $200.00 to whatever package you decide to go with.




Package One

  • Up to 8 hours of coverage
  • Two photographers
  • 8x10 Print of our choice
  • Full resolution photos on DVD/Flash
  • Gallery that stays active for 12 months

Package Two

  • Up to 10 hours of coverage
  • Two photographers
  • Several prints of varying sizes of our choice
  • Full resolution photos on DVD/Flash
  • Gallery that stays active for 12 months

*25% deposit at booking & subject to Maine State tax of 5.5%


Some things that you may want to keep in mind, as you plan, are:

  • Create a timeline of your wedding- this will allow us to know when to arrive and what will happen next throughout the day. Maine Wedding PhotographersMaine Wedding Photographers
  • Make sure to wait for the Photographers before getting dressed! We know you're excited to get into that beautiful dress, but be patient and allow us to capture that moment for you!
  • Provide us a list of friends, families that you feel should be photographed or included in the formal portraits so we know in advance and allows for quicker portrait shooting on the big day.
  • Any special details or traditions? Let us know this as well, so we can capture those very special things that mean so much to you!
  • Natural lighting is key - if you are able to, for the "getting ready" shots- place yourself and your wedding party in an area where there are windows. For reception shots - white lights are great! Try to avoid too much of strobe lights or very low lighting.
  • You’ve taken the time to view our portfolio, and have made this important decision, so kindly let your guests know that the photography is taken care of, and they should simply enjoy the day without all of their gadgets. Too often an angle is missed because Uncle Bob jumped in front of the photographer to get it. We will ask guests to step aside when possible, but it never hurts to give them a heads up in advance. Let them know that the photos will be shared with everyone, and that you’ve hired a professional!




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DISCLAIMER:  We reserve the right to offer or to decline to offer my services at our discretion.  Photography packages are subject to change at any time.  If we agree to offer our services and you are in agreement, we will ask for a contract to be signed prior to shooting.